Teresonic at Audio Shows


Another example of ‘short signal path’ concept with only 3 electronic components (Music Server, DAC, amps) and two interconnects – all balanced. The DAC provided volume control enabling a direct connection to power amps.

CAS in San Francisco , August 2014                                  

Introducing a Reference Digital Audio system – like no other!

By Teresonic, Baetis Audio, Berkeley Audio Design, and Lamm Industries.

“…I spent most of my time in one of these two rooms, where the Berkeley reference DAC was being played on the Teresonic single-driver speakers. I cannot tell you whether what I heard was mostly the DAC as there were other great components in that system. But I can tell you that it was absolutely amazing. For me it was the one of the most unforgettable experiences of the show. How it is that music of that high quality can be so compelling and emotionally gripping I don’t know. But it was.” – jbparrish reed more…


Audio Show in Washington DC , July 2013

This was our first showing in the capitol. The system included both analog and digital sources. Many positive comments in this room organized by Audioprana.

 show-in-Newport May-2013

T.H.E show in Newport, May 2013

“The “Ultra-Short Path system” comprising products from Teresonic, Baetis Audio and Metrum Acoustics lived up to its advance billing in both theory and execution…. the system sounding utterly unforced and immediate, even when the smaller Teresonic Magnus XR speakers were playing. Without knowing the products in use, you wouldn’t guess that this was a low-power tube-based system. Dynamics were freewheeling and midrange tonality was as pure as it gets.” – The Audio Beat, read more



RMAF in Denver , October 2012

This was our first show ever without an analog system. Imagine – no turntable and LP records! At the Newport show in June (see below) we had a terrific analog system that has blown away system costing more than $250,000. At this show we decided to focus on digital music and get as close to analog as possible. According to visitor’s reactions we were quite successful. How did we accomplish that?

The objective of the demo was to create a very short signal path with speakers and only three (3) electronic components in the entire chain. In addition, each of the components was optimized to provide the shortest signal path possible. For example, all music was played from a music server (Baetis Media Server) that was using the new generation Intel microprocessor that provide on-chip conversion to SPDIF which eliminates the need for an USB2SPDIF conversion box and USB cables and connectors. From the music server signal was fed to a top quality Berkeley Audio Design DAC using new Teresonic digital cables with gold-plated BNC connectors. The DAC was connected to the Teresonic Reference 2a3 tube amplifier using Teresonic Gold balanced interconnects with 24ct gold wires of 99.999% purity. The amplifier was feeding Teresonic single-driver, no crossover speakers using 99.999% pure silver speaker cables. And short signal path and extreme quality components and cabling produced stunning results

show-in-Newport2 show-in-Newport

New Teresonic’s Clarison Gold fully balanced cables connected the digital system and the Teresonic amplifier providing a whole new dimension to digital music reproduction. It gave us glimps of hoppe that digital music can come close(r) to analog. We may even try a digital-only system in the near future…

T.H.E show in Newport, June 2012

“One of my favorite demos of T.H.E. Show Newport was provided by Teresonic and Musical Surroundings. The performance was absolutely lovely, captivating, and moving. So soothing and delicate was the music that, while listening, I was hesitant to scribble any notes because I didn’t want to spoil the performance with the sound of my pen and paper.” – Stephen Mejias of Stereophile.

This was the most amazing sound at an audio show according to visitors and the press with seven (yes, seven) new products introduced. A state of the art analog system with German AMG V12 turntable ($16,500), a marvel of German engineering precision, Clearaudio ‘s Goldfinger Statement cartridge ($15,000), Fosgate Signature all-tube phono preamp ($2500), and Teresonic’s Clarison Gold interconnects ($3,000).

The analog system was powered by an all Teresonic system including Reference 2a3 and Reference 211 amplifiers, Ingenium XR and Magus A55 speakers, and all Teresonic cabling: Clarison Gold interconnects, Clarison Power Cables… The new Clarison Silver Speaker cables made that final touch of refined detail and delicacy that impressed reporters and visitors alike.

As Stephen Mejias puts it: “The system traded the kind of “they-are-here” realism for more of a “you-are-there” perspective, which I ultimately prefer. While listening, I imagined being home; I imagined being in a concert hall; I imagined this music playing in the background, while I scribbled a letter to an old friend. This was sweeping, lyrical beauty, and though it may have lacked things like “jump factor” and “big dynamic swings,” it was nevertheless deeply emotionally compelling, seamless, and commanding.


New Teresonic Ref 211 (above) and Ref 2a3 (right) all-tube amplifiers

CES/THE show in Las Vegas, January 2011

This was the first all-tube electronics show for Teresonic. In addition to all-tube Teresonic Reference 2a3 ($15,000) and 211 ($27,000) amplifiers, an all-tube Fosgate ($2,500) phono-preamp, and even Cary Audio 303 Pro ($6,500) CD player implemented a tube output stage. Of course, the sound was lush with musicality which can be expected only from some of the industry finest tube electronics.

The new Teresonic Ref 211 amplifier (photo on the left) was a huge attraction while visitors admired its ‘no-capacitor in the signal path design’ and all NOS tubes: GE 211, Raytheon 6SN7, and RCA 83 rectifiers.

Another first by Teresonic was the new Magus A55 ($4,985) – the first speaker in this category implementing Alnico magnets. The Alnico ‘magic’ kept attracting listeners with detailed and crystal clear sound, and huge soundstage unexpected by small speakers (less than 14 in tall).


A joint effort by Teresonic and Clearaudio distributed by Musical Surroundings, was prized as the best sound of the show.


California Audio Show in Oakland, July 2010

Teresonic Ingenium XR speakers ($15,000) with top of the line – pure silver coil drivers, an all-tube Teresonic Ref 2a3 ($15,000) amplifier and Clearaudio Innovation Wood ($28,000) analog system was second to none in analog  (vinyl) reproduction.

The magic of classical DECCA and RCA recordings, all-tube SET amplifier with legendary 2a3 tubes, and the finest single-driver speaker design – came through again. A lifelike performance, huge dynamics, and amazing musicality of this unbeatable combination kept visitors in the room for hours.


All Teresonic fully shielded cabling: interconnects, speaker and power cables, allowed all individual components to shine – to perform at their best, protecting the precious musical signal from any changes or interferences.

This complete $75,000 system – yes, complete with all racks, power conditioners, and accessories… easily outperformed systems costing over $200,000.0

THE-show-in-Las-Vegas THE-show-in-Las-Vegas2

Mike Zivkovic from Teresonic (left) and Charles Schlacks (right) music historian and records collector

CES/THE show in Las Vegas, January 2010

Teresonic introduced new top of the line in the Magus family: Magus XR using DX65 drivers with pure silver coils. It impressed visitors as Audio Beat commented: “There was no way a little single-driver speaker [Magus Silver XR] could produce such robust sound. Zssst. Wrong. After we listened for ten minutes, the speaker cables were switched and the Ingeniums belted out the beginning to “Also Sprach Zarathustra” with even greater spaciousness and low-end authority.”

Mr. Charles Schlacks (standing on the right) played some of legendary vintage recordings from his vast collection. Wonderful music and exceptional sound attracted visitors to standing room only sessions. Another proof that there is no match for analog recordings in combination with tube amplifiers and single driver speakers.

Teresonic Ingenium ($15,000) and Magus XR ($6,000) powered by Teresonic Reference 2a3 ($15,000) was the base system. The $28,000 analog audio system included Clearaudio Innovation Wood, new Clearaudio tonearm, Benz Micro cartridge, and Fosgate tube phono preamp.

 THE-show-in-Las-Vegas2009 THE-show-in-Las-Vegas2009-2

CES/THE show in Las Vegas, January 2009

Teresonic demonstrated new Ingenium Silver ($12,000) and Magus Silver ($4,000) speakers at the CES (Venetian) and THE (Alexis Park) shows. Two very different setups with equally pleasing results – and visitors were thrilled with the sound.

New Clarison Gold ($2,985) interconnect cables featuring 99.999% pure 24kt gold conductors, and full shielding for triple signal protection – made a huge contribution to the sound quality.

The amplification at THE show was all tube Teresonic Reference 2a3 ($15,000), and at the CES an Italian made solidstate and tube hybrid. Visitors who visited both rooms preferred the sound of tubes. No wonder since all NOS tubes, transformer coupled (no capacitors in the signal path), and some of world best components are used in Teresonic Ref 2a3.

Both analog systems provided by Clearaudio (turntable) and Fosgate (phono preamp) impressed visitors in both rooms.


Teresonic Integrum JL 2007 Design and Engineering Awards Winner by CEA. Teresonic team from left to right: Mike, Marlene, Miles


CES room main system. Teresonic’s Mike and Miles with maestro Neb Maricic (left), opera singer and amplifier designer

THE-show-in-Las-Vegas2007-3CES small system upstairs


THE show: setting up the room

CES/THE show in Las Vegas, January 2007

A big year for Teresonic started with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®) awarding International CES Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Award for Integrum JL.  A unique speaker design and sound only found in single driver speakers.

Integrum JL ($12,000) is a limited edition speaker – only ten pairs are made and each pair is unique! An original artwork on the side differentiates each pair of speakers.  The finest materials: Italian varnishes, German 24ct goldplated connectors, famous British drivers, and Teresonic workmanship – each speaker handmade using musical instruments building techniques.

At the show Teresonic announced Reference 2a3 ($15,000) integrated amplifier. Designed and engineered by the Teresonic team and Neb Maricic, famous Mozart’s Figaro. It’s all tube, all original 40’s and 50’s RCAs, with no capacitors in the signal path, and some of world best components: Japanese Riken resistors, Black Gate capacitors, Swedish transformers…  All point-to-point wiring by hand in a topology refined for over 20 years. True gem to last for generations.

Another surprise announcement by Teresonic:   Magus ($3,985), a new generation of monitor loudspeakers. Small in size but ultra-high performance of 98dB it sets a new standard for high-end audio systems in smaller rooms. Designed to be extremely flexible in positioning and with innovative sound dispersion mechanism to adjust to different room acoustics. An instant hit at the show with visitors and the press.

Teresonic cabling was used everywhere: Clarison Silver interconnects ($685/m), Clarison speaker cables ($985/6ft), and Clarison power cables ($395). All Teresonic cables are fully shielded against RFI, RMI… even mechanical interferences such as vibrations.