Teresonic Reference Digital System

Many customers are asking what Teresonic’s reference demo system is and what components we use. Over the years Teresonic’s digital system evolved as we learned what works and what doesn’t. Our latest and best sounding digital system (so far) is outlined below with all parts and components. The only part of the system that hasn’t changed much is the power conditioner and the Teresonic power cables. We can’t stress enough the importance of clean power and good power cables on the overall sound quality.

Let’s begin with the signal flow diagram:


Notice the S/PDIF connection between the music server and the DAC. It’s much simpler than USB and provides better sound quality – when implemented properly. Also notice the fully balanced connections between the DAC and the amplifier. It will always result in better sound and lower noise than traditional single-ended RCA connections – if your components provide it. Of course, high quality and truly balanced cables make a huge difference. Our listening rooms are getting ‘noisier’ with more electronic components cramped in small spaces, ever growing number of mobile devices and noisy switching power supplies, and various RFI and EMI interferences… So it’s becoming critical to use fully shielded cables that can protect precious music signals. Here are details about components used:

Speakers: Ingenium XR ($19,985) and Magus XR ($7,995)

With pure silver coils, the purest crossover-less sound, and musical instrument quality, Teresonic speakers have been recognized as the best single-driver speakers available. Offering extreme104 dB and 100 dB efficiency respectively, they will convey the magic of low power tube amplifiers with stunning clarity, coherence and power.

Speaker cables: Teresonic Clarison Silver EXP ($4,995/6ft)

Teresonic’s new speaker cables use extremely pure (99.999 per cent or 5N) solid silver conductors of different diameters braided and finished with silver soldered endings. They are fully shielded for triple signal protection from electric, magnetic, and mechanical interference.

Amplification: Teresonic Reference 2A3 ($15,000)

This integrated (all NOS) tube amplifier offers an ultra-short signal path in 100% pure class A, zero feedback, no capacitors in the signal path… for the best in SET sound. Built with the world’s finest components: Swedish transformers, German gold-plated connectors, Japanese resistors… you will rediscover your music.

Interconnects: Teresonic Gold XLR Interconnects ($4,495)

These fully shielded cables offer unmatched protection against any kind of interferences: electrical, magnetic or even mechanical (vibrations etc). No EMI or RFI will disturb the delicate music signal between components. The pure 24ct Gold interconnects offer unmatched sound quality.

DAC: Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC ($5,000)

The new Alpha DAC Series 2 uses new clocking and isolation technology to provide greater imaging precision, timbral purity, and resolution as compared to the Series 1. It has both AES/EBU on XLR, and SPDIF on BNC digital inputs. Analog outputs are balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA). One of the best sounding DACs regardless of price.

Digital cable: Clarison Digital BNC ($695)

Teresonic’s new Clarison Digital cables feature special silver-plated “Litz” conductors and space-grade shielding for ultimate S/PDIF connections. Pro quality, gold-plated BNC connectors are at least 1.5 m long to minimize “reflections” that cause undesirable jitter effects in shorter digital cables.

Music server: Baetis Revolution 2 Media Server ($3,000)

The new Baetis Media Server offers pure bit-streaming of all major audio formats – including re-sampling rates up to 192khz and bit-depths up to 64-bits. Pure bit-streaming means that the audio and video reaches the DAC or pre-pro without any digital signal processing.


This system costs about $50,000 on the high-end, and under $30,000 (or even under $20,000) on the low end, depending on choice of speakers, amplifiers, and cables… In any case we believe this is the best sounding digital system under $100,000, and represents state-of-the-art in digital music reproduction today.

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