Teresonic at the 2015 New York Audio Show

Introducing a Reference Analog Audio system – like no other!
by Teresonic and AMG

Room 5001 at the 2015 New York Audio Show, Hilton Westchester, November 6-8

teresonic-loudspeakers-pairSpeakers: Ingenium XR ($19,985)

With silver coils and the purest crossover-less sound, Teresonic speakers are recognized as the best single-driver speakers available. Offering extreme 104 dB efficiency, they will convey the magic of low power tube amplifiers with stunning clarity, coherence and power.

Speakers: Magus XR ($7,985)

Magus (“magical” in Latin) is redefining the category of small speakers and compact monitors. Although only 15 in. (38cm) high, they produce remarkable levels of high quality sound. Their small size matches the most small speakers on the market, but its ultra high performance of up to 100 dB surpasses most of small speakers by a wide.



speaker-cablesSpeaker cables: Teresonic Clarison ($1,295/6ft)

Teresonic’s speaker cables use pure OFHC copper, different diameter conductors separately braided and finished with silver soldered endings. Using proprietary geometry and full shielding for triple signal protection from electric, magnetic, and mechanical interferences – makes fastest and cleanest speaker cables available.




AmplificationAmplification: Teresonic Reference 2A3 ($15,000)

This integrated (all NOS) tube amplifier offers ultra-short signal path in 100% pure class A, zero feedback, no capacitors in the signal path… for the best in SET sound. Built with the world’s finest components: Swedish transformers, German gold-plated connectors, Japanese resistors… you will rediscover your music.




ClarisonGoldClose_newsInterconnects: Teresonic Gold Interconnects ($3,495)

This fully shielded cables offer unmatched protection against any kind of interferences: electrical, magnetic or even mechanical (vibrations etc). No EMI or RFI will disturb the delicate music signal between components. The pure 24ct Gold interconnects offer unmatched sound quality.



Phono-PreampPhono Preamp – Fosgate Signature Mk 2 ($2,500)

The culmination of over 30 years of design by Jim Fosgate, this all tube product redefines high-end phono preamps. Our demo unit is upgraded with NOS Mullard tubes for unrivaled analog sound.




TurntableTurntable: AMG Giro ($9,900) & Teatro cartridge ($2,750)

Its circular plinth is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and provides both 33 and 45 RPM via electronic control. It shares the high-mass stainless steel machined pulley of the V12, coupled to a precision Swiss-made DC motor. It uses the 9W2 9” tonearm with the revolutionary bearing design of the 12J2.


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