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Teresonic™ LLC
1215 Fiddlers Green,
San Jose, CA 95125


Mr. Hans Kruse
Nordic Natural Sound
Holsteinsgade 9, 2TH
2100 Copenhagen OE, Denmark
Tel +45 21485596

Mr. Ned Janjic
B. M. W GmbH
Rottmannsbodenstrasse 97
CH - 4102  Binningen
Tel. +41 (0) 61 421 86 90


For over twenty years, we have worked towards sonic perfection in loudspeaker design. Today, our speakers are heralded by musicians and music lovers everywhere as among the finest in the world. Teresonic speakers are uniquely designed and individually handcrafted to provide unyielding dynamics, precise imaging, pinpoint accuracy and purest natural sound.

Teresonic speakers are designed as musical instruments. Their bodies are acoustically active like violins, cellos, pianos, acoustic basses… They are sculptured like musical instruments and built using traditional musical instruments making techniques and materials like fine Italian varnishes. Each Teresonic speaker is individually handcrafted to provide a lasting value – an instrument for generations.

Our customers say it best: “Having played in the orchestra behind performers like Issac Stern and Pinchas Zukerman I know what their violins sound like in real life. The [Teresonic] Integrums gave the most realistic reproduction I have heard from any speaker.” – DC, Portland, OR Read more customer comments…

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Mike Zivkovic

President and founder
Mike Zivkovic, President and founder, is an engineer and marketer with a passion for music. He has more than ten…

Miles Dabic

Chief Scientist
Miles Dabic, Chief Scientist, is an accomplished engineer and has been designing speaker systems, audio cables and electronics since 1969.…

Marlene Osmond

COO and treasurer
Marlene Osmond, COO and treasurer, comes to audio industry with over 15 years of experience in business and technology.  A…

Sash Cerne

Master Cabinetmaker
Sash Cerne, our Master Cabinetmaker, has been designing and making loudspeakers and fine cabinetry for more than 20 years. He…