world's finest single-driver loudspeakers deliver full
dynamics and scale of live music experience

Ingenium© [natural quality, character in Latin] – a reference loudspeaker for SET tube and other high-end amplifiers. Ingenium has been created to breathe life into the amplified music, in all its nuances, making the listening experience an extraordinarily emotional event. It provides full dynamics and scale of live music, revealing astonishing detail, stereo imaging, pace and rhythm.

it's all about what makes music, music


Extraordinary levels of performance – 103 dB, compared to less than 90 dB efficiency of most speakers. That represents over 10 dB difference or more than ten times – since dB is a logarithmic measure.

Single driver design with no crossover for truly natural sound. Elimination of crossover pays big dividends with sky-high levels of detail, wide-ranging dynamics and amazing coherence. Refinement and timeless beauty of musical instruments built entirely by hand – to sound like musical instruments!

High gloss finish enhances the natural wood veneer and superb craftsmanship to create an acoustic instrument for generations.

Why Ingenium?

"The list of speakers I wanted to hear in my system, listed in alphabetical order was a vintage Altec system, the DeVore Orangutan O/96s, the Line Magnetic Audio LM 755i Field Coil Speaker, Linn Audio Loudspeakers’ Athenaeum, the Tannoy Canterbury SE, and the Voxativ Ampeggio. Well, I’ve tried all except the Canterbury SEs. So far, none of the others were in the same leagues with the Teresonic Ingenium.”
– Jack Roberts,

“The sound was extremely transparent and beautiful. …the warmth of the midrange won me over . . .”
– Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile

"…Ingeniums allowed me to hear very deeply into the music. This was not the kind of treble highlighting that certain speakers display but rather, an incredible portrayal of the instrument's harmonics. When listening in particular to string instruments, I had a greater sense of the body of the instrument than with most other speakers."
– Stereo Times

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Lowther DX4 drivers

Ingenium speakers are equipped with top of the line Lowther DX4 drivers with pure silver coils providing well balanced and beautiful midrange, clear treble, and well defined bass. Other Lowther drivers are also supported including DX3, PM2A, PM6C, PM2C... to satisfy any individual sound preferences. All drivers can be installed by users to allow adjustments to room and equipment changes over time.

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ETQWT© transmission line

True musical reality is achieved through the advanced design of the ETQWT© transmission line enclosure with Helmholtz resonators and world-finest components. Avoiding use of crossovers in Teresonic speakers results in natural sound, with a wealth of detail, exceptional dynamic range and a sense of musical "aliveness" not found elsewhere. 

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Ingenium technical specification

Description One-way floor standing dynamic loudspeaker
Enclosure type ETQWT™ transmission line with Helmholtz resonators
Drive unit One 8” Lowther DX4 driver with Silver coils
Bandwidth 30Hz-22kHz ± 3dB
Sensitivity 103 dB @ 1W/1kHz/1m
Impedance 8 Ohms
Crossover None
Power handling Power handling 1 - 100 Watts into 8 Ohms
Connectors WBT, 24ct gold plated terminals
Internal wiring Fully shielded Clarison cables
Dimensions H x W x D : 73 x 10.3 x 20in (185 x 26 x 51cm)