Clarison© Interconnect cables

fully shielded interconnects to enjoy music and only music

Clarison Silver interconnects are specially designed for high-end audio applications to provide the ultimate signal protection. They simply reveal more of the musical detail than any other cable, while allowing the music to sound more natural than any other cable – by a wide margin. The signal conductors in Clarison Silver interconnects are made with special silver-plated "litz" (multiple braided, individually silver-plated wires). The litz is designed to reduce the skin effect and proximity effect losses in conductors used in audio.


You get extraordinary performance levels. Clarison interconnects offer signal transfer speeds of up to 93% of the speed of the light for precise transients, compared to 60-70% for most cables.

All Teresonic cables provide space grade shielding which offers you the ultimate in signal protection. No EMI, RFI, or mechanical interferences (e.g. vibrations) will ever touch your music again.

Made with world's best components and finest materials: silver-plated "litz" or 99.999% pure gold, gold plated connectors, space-grade shielding… Clarison cables provide accurate balancing of capacitance and inductance, cable impedance, and complete rejection of intrusion of outside electrical noise.

Why Clarison?

"… the Clarison Golds [interconnects] were dead quiet, and free from hum and RF. They produced a liquid, delicate, but not overly lush midrange, a sweet yet soaring top end, and clean, nimble bass… and easy to recommend.”
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile

"I went back and forth between the Kubala-Sosna Emotions and the Jorma Number 1… The Clarison Golds were subjectively smoother than either cable, and did not call attention to themselves. They are so mellifluous and harmonious that you just want more. If you like Cardas or PAD, you will go nuts over the Golds. If you are running tubes, you may like these a lot. If you are running solid state, you may need these a lot."
– Bob Levi,

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Special orders available in increments of 0.5m

Made of extra pure solid gold

Clarison Gold interconnects are designed for audiophiles who want the ultimate combination of musicality, harmonic accuracy, tonal neutrality, and dynamics. Hear ultra clean and clear treble, along with impeccable purity of midrange, and addictive solidity of bass. Silk smooth Clarison Gold interconnects will change your experience in how close the playback of recorded music could come to live music. The conductors in Clarison Gold are made of extra pure (99.999%) solid gold. Such high purity isn't commercially available requiring a special purification process before gold is used to fabricate wires for Clarison Gold interconnects.

RCA or fully balanced with XLR connectors

Both Silver and Gold versions are available as single-ended with RCA connectors, or fully balanced with XLR connectors. Triple protection from electric and magnetic and mechanical interferences makes Clarison best shielded interconnect cables available.


Clarison Interconnect cables – technical specification

Description Fully shielded, fully symmetrical geometry with choice of sliver-plated "litz" or pure gold conductors, single-ended or balanced versions
Shielding Hi-tech elastic ferromagnetic external shield: carbonized steel with PVC cover.
Insulation Air, Teflon, polyethylene-polyurethane, special impregnated cotton…
Conductors Silver-plated copper "litz" 10x0.07mm per conductor, or 99.999% pure solid gold wire
Capacitance 78 pf /m /1 kHz (Silver), 55 pf /m /1 kHz (Gold),
Propagation Up to 93% of the speed of light
Bend radius 7 cm (2.7 inch)
Connectors WBT 0102Cu 24ct gold-plated standard RCA type, or Neutrik silver-plated XLR connectors
Dimensions 10mm (0.394 inch) diameter each cable
Lengths 1m (3.3ft) and 1.5m (5ft) lengths, custom lenghts in 0.5m increments