world's smallest single-driver loudspeaker delivers the magic of music

Magus© compact monitors, only 15 in (38cm) high, produce remarkable levels of high quality sound with only a few Watts per channel. Their small size matches the most popular small speakers on the market but its ultra high performance of up to 100 dB and unique design surpasses most similar products by a wide margin. Coherency and realism provided by full-range, crossover-less design sets a new standard for life-like tonal quality of voices and musical instruments.


Extraordinary levels of performance – from 98 to 100 dB, compared to less than 90 dB efficiency of most compact speakers. That represents a 10 dB difference or more than ten times – since dB is a logarithmic measure!

Single driver design with no crossover for truly natural sound. Elimination of crossover pays big dividends with sky-high levels of detail, wide-ranging dynamics and amazing coherence.

Refinement and timeless beauty of musical instruments built entirely by hand – to sound like musical instruments! High gloss finish enhances the natural wood veneer and superb craftsmanship to create an acoustic instrument for generations.

Why Magus?

“When listening to Alison Krauss, the Magus' ability to recreate the harmony and the interplay of the voices was just incredible. These speakers are the real thing, and at least they bring you as close to the real thing as any small speaker I have ever heard, and closer than most large speakers.”
– Jack Roberts,

“One speaker the caught me by surprise was the Magus monitor. Normally I wonder if such designs will provide neutral tonal balance or adequately extended frequency response, but the Magus quickly allayed my fears with exquisite highs, surprisingly full-bodied bass, and eminently cohesive and natural-sounding mids.”
– Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound

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Like magic

Magus is easily inserted into any domestic interior. While most speakers are sensitive to precise listening position in that speaker’s “sweet spot”, Magus (“magic” in Latin) will deliver most of its magic almost anywhere in the room, your office, on a tabletop or in a bookshelf, or even on the floor.

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Lowther DX65 or Alnico A55 drivers

Magus speakers come with Lowther DX65 or Alnico A55 drivers with pure silver coils. All drivers can be installed by users to allow adjustments to room and equipment changes over time.

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Magus – technical specification

Description One-way stand-mount, bookshelf, or tabletop loudspeaker
Enclosure type Multi-chamber Compact Monitor
Drive unit One 5" Lowther DX65 or A55 driver
Bandwidth 55Hz-22kHz ± 3dB
Sensitivity 98 dB (1W/1kHz/1m) with A55
100 dB (1W/1kHz/1m) with DX65
Impedance 8 Ohms
Crossover None
Power handling 4 - 100 Watts into 8 Ohms
Connectors WBT gold plated terminals
Internal wiring Zero-interference Clarison Speaker cables
Dimensions HxWxD: 15x12x9in (38x30x23cm)