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What are customers and the press saying about Teresonic cables

I then listened to your cable in the afternoon when I received it and it became immediately apparent just how good the cable is. Everything was better, but in particular the resolution in the lower octave. Bass notes were so much tighter and more tuneful…
AnthonyC, Auckland, New Zealand
the Clarison Golds [interconnects] were dead quiet... They produced a liquid, delicate, but not overly lush midrange, a sweet yet soaring top end, and clean, nimble bass…
Michael Fremer, Stereophile
[Clarison Digital RCA] sounds amazing, sweet natural top end, full midrange and tight dynamic bottom end.
FredL, Calgary, Canada
I really wasn't prepared for the Clarison Digital BNC cable. It is SO much more of speed, focus, depth of stage, bass control, natural rendition of harmonics and musical detail…
JohnK, Wells, ME
With Clarison Speaker cables instruments and voices are better situated in the soundfield and there is more air around them. Things start and stop properly. Bass is better controlled… Wow. Magic, man... magic.
JohnK, Wells, ME
Clarison Speaker EXP cables excel at harmonic accuracy, definition, and letting you hear the different textures of the music.
Jack Roberts,
Clarison Gold interconnects are so mellifluous and harmonious that you just want more. If you are running tubes, you may like these a lot. If you are running solid state, you may need these a lot.
Bob Levi,
Clarison Speaker cables offer sound staging with excellent width and depth; strong bass performance; very good detail; and an open and spacious midrange; male and female vocals are beautifully rendered.
Kent Johnson,
I'm shocked to hear so much more details from my Audio Note DAC with the Clarison Digital BNC cable.
HansK , Denmark
Clarison Gold cables do something quantitatively different than any other cables. It's more like the improvements in sound I'm use to hearing from a better amp, particularly a really good SET.
Jack Roberts,
Awesome XLR. The detail, warmth and soundstage are greatly improved!
JimA, California
Clarison Speaker and Interconnect cables do not fall between the Nordost Valhalla and the Auditorium 23. No, they exhibit the best aspects of both cables and manage to avoid most of their weaknesses…
Jack Roberts,
Clarison Speaker cable is a true masterpiece. Dynamics are great across the entire frequency range so the music appears lifelike, natural and exiting!
LarsO, Norway
Clarison Speaker and Interconnect cables are better than anything I have tried before on my setup, no doubt about it. They sure do beat the MITs I had before…
JohnS, Denmark