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What are customers and the press saying about Teresonic loudspeakers
I am enjoying the A55 Magus. I installed them over this past weekend and had a few different listening sessions. They are extremely musical, nuanced and clean/clear in terms of how they present music to the listener. On the best recordings in my collection they are magnificent/stellar. I am totally impressed that such a large presentation can emanate from a 15 inch enclosure using a 5" driver. Really nice... You and your team have done a great job with the Magus. I love the extra care you have put into the entire package, from a detailed manual to instructions to the quality of materials and the packaging. All first rate! I have dealt with larger high end companies (and smaller ones too) that put no care or time into these things, even when charging a premium price. Congratulations to Teresonic! And thanks again for helping me to more enjoy this great hobby.
KevinW, WA, USA
I have now listened to the Rhapsody in Blue 4 times at 30 ips [tape]. Perfect reproduction, I finally cannot say that there is "something else" needed in music reproduction. Finally a signal that completely opens everything that [Ingenium] speakers are capable of reproducing and completely unlocks their potential. I listen this Noble-prize winning rendition of [Rhapsody in Blue] Mercury recording and realize the magnitude and perfection of your Engineering work.
JohnB, Santa Cruz, CA
The Ingenium really spoiled me. Listening to just about any other speakers just seem so artificial now. Bass just gets deeper and fuller each day while the highs become more distinct and realistic. Nothing that I have heard can really compare...
EricC, Toronto, Canada
Just put on Handel's Messiah with original instruments, St. Martin's in Field, incredible, and that in 7.5 ips tape. What these speakers do for voices is absolutely scary!!Listening an original Stan Getz piece 100% unmixed, straight off the mikes you may have a heart atrack on the spot. I have heard live performances that were less. I never heard anything that so blew me away...
JohnB, Santa Cruz, California
…the sound of the Ingeniums from LP did have superb dynamics and clarity, with good bass extension.
John Atkinson, Stereophile
…The best speaker I have heard for the last seven years has been the Ingeniums…. It has easily bested several speakers that cost four times as much.
Jack Roberts,
Magus… exquisite highs, surprisingly full-bodied bass, and eminently cohesive and natural-sounding mids…
the absolute sound
Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound
The Integrum offered tunefulness and pitch certainty with clean and clear stereo imaging... A superb product.
Art Dudley, Stereophile
Ingenium speakers are highly engaging, very musical and natural sounding, and can be mesmerizing.
the absolute sound
Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound
I was quite taken with [Magus} sound: detail, delicacy, definition, and speed, along with that certain coherence that comes from having no crossover, no disparate cone materials...
Sam Tellig, Stereophile
Magus speakers… were amazing for their size.
Steve Marsh,
The [Ingenium] sound was extremely transparent and beautiful. …the warmth of the midrange won me over . . .”
Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile
Ingenium Silvers open the window on the performance, but they are much fuller of life allowing a musical event to come to life emotionally and musically in my room.
Jack Roberts,
So soothing and delicate was the [Ingenium] music that, while listening, I was hesitant to scribble any notes because I didn't want to spoil the performance with the sound of my pen and paper.
Stephen Mejias, Stereophile
They are natural, and full. The mid bass is very good and vocals are excellent.  Imaging is very nice!!! Focused and solid.
Pez, Facilitator, Audio Circle
Teresonics. Just breathtaking and musical, and I was NOT a Lowther fan. Priced reasonably for what they are. If I had 100k speakers I would sell them for 50k and buy three sets of these.
Mor2bz, Audiogon
Magus A-55: articulate, powerful, and fun…This same ability brings an incredible reality to music as well as the voice. They let you hear deep into the layers of music, and hear inner detail with stunning clarity.
Jack Roberts,
Ingeniums produce a natural sound which is just not found with most other speakers. On a Ben Webster tune I could hear the reedy quality of his tone, I could even hear the reed vibrating… clear as a bell.
Mike Quinn, SoundsGood
It is uncanny how [with Integrums] everything sounds like the actual thing making the music, be it human voices, strings, horns, pianos, drums…
BobW, Mt. Dora, Florida
Magus are the most emotionally expressive speakers I have ever had, and they are frequently stunning in their clarity and presentation of music.
TomA, Midland, MI