Clarison© Speaker cables

fully shielded loudspeaker cables to enjoy music and only music

Clarison speaker cables will bring your music to life. Pure music - nothing can interfere with the precious signal once it enters Clarison cables. The same cables are used in Teresonic speakers to guarantee the same sonic quality and character, enormous dynamics and extreme revelation of details – the best value money can buy.


You get extraordinary performance levels. Clarison Speaker cables offer signal transfer speeds of up to 97% of the speed of light for precise transients, compared to 60-70% for most cables.

All Teresonic cables provide space grade shielding which offers you the ultimate in signal protection. No EMI, RFI, or mechanical interferences (e.g. vibrations) will ever touch your music again.

Made out of the finest materials, pure OHFC copper or 99.999% pure silver, gold plated connectors, space-grade shielding… Clarison cables provide accurate balancing of capacitance and inductance, cable impedance, and complete rejection of intrusion of outside electrical noise.

Why Clarison?

"The interesting thing is the Clarison Speaker cables do not fall between the Nordost Valhalla and the Auditorium 23 cables. No, they exhibit the best aspects of both cables and manage to avoid most of their weaknesses… This makes the Clarison cables a real bargain, maybe a downright steal."
– Jack Roberts,

“To my ears Clarison Speaker cable is a true masterpiece. Dynamics are great across the entire frequency range so the music appears lifelike, natural and exiting!”
– LarsO, Norway

“Teresonic's Clarison Speaker cables offer sound staging with excellent width and depth; strong bass performance; very good detail; and an open and spacious midrange; male and female vocals are beautifully rendered. They are smoother and offer a wider soundstage...
– Kent Johnson,

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Special orders add per ft Price: US$200

Special EXP orders add per ft Price: US$700

Ultra-high signal

Clarison Speaker cables unique geometry with separate cable wires, i.e. two cable conductors per channel, enables ultra-high signal propagation of up to 97% of the speed of light! The highest in the industry.

Best shielded cables available

Triple protection from electric and magnetic and mechanical interferences makes Clarison speaker cables best shielded cables available. They are the result of many years of scientific research to prevent any outside EMI, RFI and other interference and crosstalk to impact the music signal.  

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Clarison Speaker cables – technical specification

Description Fully shielded, fully symmetrical geometry with separate cable wires, i.e. two (2) cables per channel
Construction Multi-wire (different diameter wires) with external shielding for each cable
Shielding Hi-tech elastic ferromagnetic shield: carbonized steel with PVC cover.
Insulation Air, Teflon, polyethylene-polyurethane
Conductors Pure OHFC copper wires of different diameters
Resistance 0.026 Ω/m/ 1kHz
Propagation Up to 97% of the speed of light
Bend radius 7 cm (2.7 inch)
Connectors High current WBT 0680Cu 24ct gold-plated, fully insulated spades
Dimensions 10mm (0.394 inch) diameter each cable
Lengths 6ft and 10ft lengths, custom lenghts in 1ft increments